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Jane Thissen: Bio

Jane Thissen

Back in school as a non traditional student at the University of Wisconsin. Older people -  go back to college!!! It's so much fun.  Studying studio art again on my way to a master's degree in Art Therapy.  New paintings now posted - you be the judge of whether it's helping.  This effort is to continue to improve my skills in therapeutic art.

Still at the VA hospital working with folks from all the wards, facilitating art when I can in my newly assigned position. 

When I first came to the VA in 2006, founded the Veterans Express ThemSelves (V.E.T.S) art program and the murals created through this group process are still displayed on the wards.  The art program has expanded and now recreation therapists oversee murals and individual art all over the facility.

I began my college career as an art major at the University of Iowa but graduated with a BA in English.  I am now enjoying the luxury of non-traditional study as I work full time.

It's been an honor to instruct for the VSA both in Kentucky and Wisconsin.  Residencies in schools for special populations as well as in assisted living homes are my most satisfying experiences.  VSA is an international organization promoting art in people with all abilities.  Click on their link to discover the beauty of this process.

Summer of 2006 I was thrilled to be Art Director for Camp Kysoc, an Easter Seals respite camp in a deeply wooded setting.  We painted, made ceramics, good 'ol arts and crafts camp style, and each week we had new campers to participate.  Even with the most severe of disabilities, there is always a way to make art!

I am an illustrator, published in three books by veterinarians, as well as Cat Fancy and CatsUSA.  I am always looking for new projects, so contact me if you are looking for a project artist.