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Jane Thissen: Poems

aberrant artist

aberrant artist


she moved with purpose through the herd,

mane silken threads in jewel tones,

polished hues of satin coat,

twirled cone of ivory


unicorn among earthbound horses


her neck arched with dignity

disguised profound pain

compounded over years

of herd rejection


chestnut, bay, even palomino

snubbed the magical creature

grazing in their valley


loneliness consumed her luminescence,

her brilliant rainbow hues

faded to shades of mourning,

but the horn could not be silenced


the unicorn painted

the landscape with magic,

brilliant blue birch,

magenta mountains,

lavender lilies


but all the herd saw

was aberration


at the time of the orange moon

the horses joined herds

from surrounding valleys,

and unicorn, ostracized,

hung her head and hid within forest

watching carousel games


on those holidays

the sky was grey,

the aspens brown,

and the mountains lost majesty,

but the horses did not associate

their colorless playground

to the shunning

of the artist among them


the full moon in spring

brought courage and flight

to the magical, mysterious mare,

she soared above earth, taking with her

the magnificence of  art,

leaving a trail of white, grey, and brown below


over a cliff in an isolated moment

rose reflection of emeralds and sapphires,

an inviting wind caught in downward spiral

gently placed her among thousands

emanating brilliance of creativity,

jewels of color,

and expressive horns of ivory


embracing tolerance

and songs of the wayward

the unicorn was home


and the old valley,

her family of horses, remained ordinary

because they could not recognize

the beauty of her variance